Switch to One Agency Eastlakes

How do I change my agent?

Want to switch your investment property to One Agency Eastlakes? It’s so simple and won’t cost you a cent or disrupt the current tenant.

After first checking your current Managing Agent Agreement to find out how much notice you need to give your current agent (notice is usually 30 days), you can leave the rest to us.

You do not need to call your current agent or communicate with them in any way. We take full responsibility for liaising with the outgoing agent – there is no cost for this. One Agency Eastlakes arrange to have you sign the termination letter then forward this to the outgoing agent. We then arrange a time with the outgoing agent to collect the lease documents.

One Agency Eastlakes will forward you the new Management Agency Agreement. You will then be rewarded with all the unique benefits of our high end service, personal approach and efficient, professional and stress free management service.

Please note: when tenants are already in place, there would be no letting/leasing fee.

Please complete the below request to apply or call us on 4971 6000

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