More Wow Factor, More Lifestyle Driven, More Environmentally Sympathetic, More House, More Land - Commercial Grade Quality & a One Off Spectacular!

Given the volume of this architectural, one off master piece and the volume of photo opportunities this incredible residence presents us, we have 2 ads running to cover as many elements of the property as we possibly can and even with 70 odd photos we cannot show you everything!

This ad shows off some of the amazing evening characteristics of the home and its amazing surrounds and outdoor living experiences, whilst also illustrating some of the stunning architectural and artistic elements of the residence, from the ridiculously high end commercial grade steel and double glazed walls of glass, through to the phenomenal natural materials, with rocks walls and boulder style vanity basins, giving you a taste for the quality of materials chosen and the striking execution and affect of blending the best of man made and the best of made by nature.

Rather than a blow by blow, room by room experience, this ad is a lifestyle teaser, here you get a taste of the look and feel of this heavily customised designer experience, with glimpses of whole rooms, but more emphasis on the wow moments and the unimaginable extras.

There is so much fun to be had here, from the full height indoor basket ball set up garage, dedicated gym, sound proof theatre room, billiards 'n' bar hang out, to the colossal North facing, no maintenance engineered deck, with swim spa and a dedicated pool, which is separate to the spa.

Add a master suite and retreat, the likes of which will blow your mind!

To see the home, room, by room, in terms of all the bedrooms and to get a more comprehensive understanding of the property, please refer to our other ad 11 Stern Court, Murrays Beach and refer to both ads for a more complete picture.

In the meantime, let me tell you a little about the property that you won't find in this ad or the other ad or any of the photos ...

- Beyond the plentiful decks that allow for big groups or intimate outdoor living
- Discover an orchard in the making & a cute hen house, grow your own organic
- Appreciate an upper level dedicated to just you & your family-bed & bath haven
- Invitation only theatre room, guests don't see into any private living/bedrooms
- Downstairs offers so much indoors & out, catering to a crowd of kids & adults

Designed to be enjoyed in every single space, from the designer kitchen to the really well appointed laundry, garage and storage.

Inside and out just work, there is eye candy everywhere and this is an experience not a house!
Sold Price : $2,350,000
Sold Date : 2022-05-16

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