Sold Off Market by Shanti Page for a Street Record & Almost As Much As a Nearby Deep Waterfront Sold for Very Recently with Another Agent!

Most off market sales are about a quick, easy agent sale, sold to a frustrated buyer, who's not been willing to pay market price, but not Shanti's off market sales.

When we sell off market, it's still all about achieving the best outcome for our sellers and making dreams come true for buyers. We certainly achieved both here!

Extensively renovated, but not complete, with a very unwell owner and major timing issues.

Needing to sell to buy, but buying a home a long way off being built.

We knew a traditional marketing campaign would be too premature and too exhausting and stressful on our owners, so we gently worked on this sale.

Selling more homes in 2281 for more record prices than any other agent, Shanti meets a lot more buyers than most agents.

Often coming across buyers who aren't ready to purchase, because they need to sell to buy, or buyers who just don't like what is on the market.

Shanti turns these unpolished gems into gold, for her off market sellers, carefully matching the perfect buyer to the perfect home.

Only extensively qualified prospects made it through, saving our unwell owner stressful inspection, after inspection.

Our perfect buyers were 1 of 3 groups shown through at the same time, the 1 and only inspection we did here in fact.

We instantly knew they were perfect and they knew the home was perfect for them too and as they say the rest is history ...

Well it wasn't quite that easy, we had to go sell and achieve a mighty record price for the buyers' home to make it happen.

So both clients got amazing record results, one off market with a gentle, but more drawn out sale to settlement period and the other on market with a guaranteed much faster sale, so they wouldn't miss their dream home!

Both worked, both set street records, both rank in the top 5 highest sales ever in Swansea and Caves Beach.

When you care for your sellers and work as hard as Shanti, dreams really can come true.

Carrying all the stress, Shanti works tirelessly and smartly for great outcomes off and on market and that's why she does the bulk of business in town.

2281's most trusted name and most continuous, longest serving agent, you don't last 30+ years doing the wrong thing in a little place like this!

Thank you Chris and Judy for trusting me to beat my old street records and thank you Neil and Barb for letting me work out a way for you to chase your dream and achieve it, whilst also letting me smash my old estate and Caves frontline records!
Sold Price : $1,600,000
Sold Date : 2022-01-13


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