The One You Can't Let Get Away, Nearly 900m², Just 2 Houses off the Surf Club, Perfect North Facing Backyard & Perhaps Blacky's Best Knockdown Ever!

Tightly held, by multiple generations of the one family and passed from father to son, they bred them tough here and when you see the state of this old girl, you will have nothing but admiration for its always smiling, never bothered, old timer owner, whose love of the sea and family kept him here, well past the home's used by date!

A roughy, that even rose coloured glasses and eternal optimist Shanti can't see salvation for or preservation of in it its future, you can expect the D9 and wrecking ball to turn up any day soon.

One of the biggest blocks, we have ever had the pleasure of selling in Blacksmiths, with the perfect North facing backyard, either side has been re-developed with sprawling big single level homes, giving you an idea of how large you can go without going up and how much yard you can still enjoy if you want a pool and the like.

Going up certainly isn't an issue either though, here you're spoilt for choice!

Heading for over 55s living, with his sister in tow, D day will come around fast and you'd be nuts not to jump on this little ripper!

Our last knockdown sold for $1.1M and it was 4 doors from the highway and a decent walk from the beach, it was also south facing and not as big a block of land, so what this will go for is anybody's guess.

We only did one lot of viewings on a Saturday morning at Boikon Street and within a few hours we'd found not 1 buyer but at least 4, so we let it work itself out over the weekend and called for best and fairest final offers on the Tuesday and the rest is history!

So please don't ask us what we are thinking pricewise, because 36 Boikon Street went for way more than we were expecting and the interest in it took us totally by surprise, who knew how many people were looking for a Million Dollar Plus knockdown and now who knows what they will pay for this prime position?

You know what they say though, you have to be in it to win it, so don't die wondering, I can only imagine what someone will create here and how you'll feel every time you walk or drive by, knowing it could and should have been your new home here .....
Sold Price : $1,650,000
Sold Date : 2022-03-12


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