Sold in 1 Day for Way Over Expectations, Completely original interior, Small block, Clad Not Brick Cape Cod. Ecstatic Owner & Purchasers!

Sold Pre-Market for Well Over Valuation! A deceased estate in a completely original condition, no sexy polished timber floor boards, no two storey brick with a big family friendly backyard, but beautiful in the eyes of our very happy buyers who will turn this ugly duckling into a stunning swan.

This property is a great start in a great location, but let's face it - she needs work. That late 50s kitchen needs to go, and so do a few walls. The scary carpet has to hit the skip bin soon.

* A sun-drenched front porch makes a great place to sit
* Completely original condition
* Original Kitchen and Bathrooms
* Corner Block with a one car garage

With wonderful potential it's going to take some serious dollars, a whole lot of imagination, planning and time to take this home to the next level but we believe in our buyers and know they will kill it. Watch and See.
Sold Price : $930,000
Sold Date : 2020-11-06


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